Le Blog Sans Nom is a digital scrapbook that incorporates my style, travels, and inspiration. The name was born during a very interesting time in my life: 2 Months into living in Montreal, studying for a new career in digital marketing, anxious to put my ideas in the digital space, and tired of searching for a name. No more excuses- I give you Le Blog Sans Nom (the blog with no name).

My Story

Born in Colombia, bred in North Carolina, smitten by New York City for five great years, currently living in Montreal and attempting to speak French, which sometimes turns into Spanish, naturally. Before I became aware of my (lack of) height, I dreamed of becoming a basketball player. When a hint of awareness (but not enough) kicked in, I wanted to be Mia Hamm. Throughout my younger, sportier years, I suppressed my affinity for fashion in an attempt to be the “cool girl”- you know, just “one of the guys.” At some point I realized those interests didn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I still love playing soccer, cooking Latin food, exploring new cities, and meticulously creating outfits in my head when I should be sleeping.


For inquiries email me at leblogsansnomblog@gmail.com